AMD FX 4100 Computer Build

I finally got tired of my slow computer that i've been using for over 10 years. A year ago i moved it downstairs to act as my HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer). I was able to because i built a new AMD quad-core computer for $200. I'm using that computer with my 32" 1080p LCD TV. I was using it as my but even just as a browser and movie player is was slow. So i bought new parts and reused the case. That way i would be able to use the internet and watch Blu-Ray HD movies on my 51" plasma TV without any skipping.

Here's what the computer and case looked like before i started.
Computer Case Disassemble
The case was super dirty, all of the fans had a thick coating of hard dust.
Clean a Dirty Computer
The case cleaned and emptied.Clean and Empty Computer Case
So like before, here are the parts i bought.
200 dollar computer parts
Even though i am spending the same amount, $200, as i did a year ago, all the parts i bought are better than before. My video card is a Radeon HD 6670 which cost $60. Last year i spent the same amount and got a 6470. I got 8Gb of ram versus 4Gb. But the biggest difference is the CPU. The new AMD FX 4100. And as always with Microcenter, when you buy the CPU, the motherboard is only $10.
The HIS - Radeon HD 6670 video card.
Radeon HD 6670 video card
Corsair SMS 3 RAM - 8Gb Corsair SMS 3 RAM - 8Gb
Motherboard installed.ASUS M5A Motherboard Install
I originally didn't buy a new power supply, i went with my old 350 watt PSU.
ASUS M5A Motherboard Install and Power Supply
Here is everything installed and connected.
Complete Computer Install
It started up, i installed Windows 7 using a USB Flash Memory Stick. But during the first 2 weeks of running it crashed 4 times. I realized that the old 350w power supply was probably not able to handle the new computer. So i bought a Corsair 420w power supply for $20 after rebate. It runs perfect now.
Corsair CX430 Power Supply

Parts, Prices and Stores
  • CPU -- AMD FX 4100 - $89 (Microcenter)
  • Motherboard -- Asus M5A 78L-M LX Plus - $10 (Microcenter - normally $50, but only $10 with the purchase of CPU)
  • Video Card -- HIS Radeon 6670 - $60 (Microcenter - after $15 mail in rebate)
  • RAM -- Corsair XMS-3 8Gb - $30 (Microcenter - after $20 mail in rebate)
  • Power Supply -- Corsair CX430 - $20 (Newegg - after $20 mail in rebate)
  • Case -- Reused old case - "Free"


Anonymous said...

great work brother congrats nice work hey i have one question i am thinking about buying amd fx 4100 i will be using my pc for gaming but my budget is low :P any suggestions :D

Notitlerequired said...

Well the 2 places i usually buy parts are Microcenter and Newegg.com. There happens to be a Microcenter store by my house and when you buy a CPU they throw the motherboard in for free.

I'll edit the post and try to put in the price for everything i bought. But if you are trying to build a PC for gaming, the most expensive part would probably be the video card.

Check out the price list above.

Notitlerequired said...

For gaming you could go with something like this:
Radeon HD 7770 - $170

You need plenty of room in your case though. And plenty of power to make sure it doesn't crash.

Anonymous said...

thank you brother thanks for the help appreciated again gr8 write up kudos :D