Salsa and the Pressure Cooker

I borrowed a pressure cooker from someone at work because Karrie made lots of really good salsa. We did the first batch, 4 jars, but then figured that since we had the pressure cooker we should do more. So we made another pot.
homemade salsa, canning, pressure canning, jars, simmer on stove, tomato, cilantro, onion,
We had to look up online how to use the pressure cooker, how much water to add, how long to cook and at what pressure.
Mirro 22quart pressure canner, cooker, canning salsa on the stove
We ended up doing 10 pounds of pressure, 15 minutes after it started boiling. Here's a video of what it looks like when you are at the correct pressure.

The first batch was fine, all the jars sealed. The second batch had 3 jars that didn't seal properly so we re-pressure cooked them.

Here's all the jars and lids, ready for the second batch.
all jars, lids, seals, cleaned and ready to be filled with salsa
Boiling the lids, just before sealing.
boiling the lids before pressure canning, salsa, jars


Unknown said...

And my batch of salsa to go with my coconut will be arriving... when?

Notitlerequired said...

I'll slap some stamps on a jar and mail it over.