Cottage - June 2011

Up-North in June.
Saw 4 deer by the lake back in the woods. deer walking along the shore line, lake, michigan
Then saw a mother and 2 baby's while on a bike ride.
baby deer, fawn, running, in the woods
While raking the beach.
catfish on the beach, baby, bottom feeder
crayfish, crawfish, walking on the beach, back to the water
While in the woods. dandelion in the sun, woods giant dandelion in the sun, nature, grassy field
A largemouth bass i caught early in the day.
largemouth bass, lillypads, lake, caught from the dock largemouth bass, caught on a lake in michigan, long lake
Here's a bigger bass i caught later around 8pm. huge largemouth bass at sunset, twilight, shoreline, michigan
Digging up lilly pads to take home.digging up lillypads, transplanting, backyard pond lillypad and root ball, michigan lake, long lake, transplant lilly pads from lake to backyard pond

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