New Snapper Belt

A week ago while mowing, the blade drive belt on my snapper riding mower broke. i had to buy a special 6-sided belt that only snapper uses, it was $15.

Then i had to get the thing on. First i lifted the mower up and set it on 4 plastic milk crates.
snapper riding mower, repair, broken belt, belt drive
That made the rest of the steps a little easier.
I saw online that i may have to remove the bolts and lift the motor but it was easier than that, barely.

I removed the plastic cover over the front 2 drive pulley's. Then i fit the belt through the front tightener pulley then the tough part, fitting it around the back pulley on the drive shaft. By moving the drive wheel from reverse to 5th gear and by lifting up on the "rocker" it took about 10 minutes but i finally got the belt on.
install new drive belt, blade, pulley, engine, snapper mower, riding
It was really dirty from the dirt, grass, gasoline and anything else that drips down from the engine.

snapper riding mower, friction wheel transmission,
And lastly i fitted the belt over the front pulley.
snapper riding mower belt blade pulley
It works and cuts fine now.

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