Mailing Coconuts

While in the grocery store i saw coconuts on sale so i bought 3. I read somewhere and then i saw it was on Mythbusters, that you can send a coconut in the mail. Not in a box, but just by putting the address and a few stamps on it. I decided to mail them to Adam in Arizona, John in Colorado and Katie & John in Michigan.
how to drain coconut juice, milk, drill out coconuts
They each weighed over 2 pounds at first, but at home i drilled a small hole and emptied out the liquid.
hole drilled in coconut, to mail, mail cocunuts in the mail, stamps
Then i used hot glue to fill the hole.

seal coconut hole before sending in the mail
I wrote their addresses on them then went to the post office. At that point, while waiting in line i realized how dumb this was, but the lady there said ya it's no problem.
At the post office they weighed about a pound and a half. Postage was $5. how to mail coconuts, in the mail, stamps, mythbusters,
Katie and Adam said the coconuts arrived so i guess the stamps stayed on. I'm not sure what happened to the one i sent John, it's M.I.A.


Unknown said...

Mine is still sitting on my kitchen counter - stamps and all - because we have absolutely no idea what to do with it.

Notitlerequired said...

Adam said the same thing, "What do i do with this thing now." I don't know, i didn't think that far ahead.