Gutter Drainage Again

The first drain pipe in installed by the side of the garage works perfectly. 1st drain pipe The second one i made doesn't. 2nd drain pipe

There's 2 reasons why it doesn't work. First, all the soil in my backyard is clay, which doesn't let the water drain. Second, is that my backyard is basically flat, which also doesn't let the water drain.

So i tried extending the pipe another 10 feet.

assembling PVC pipe for drainage in the backyard, roof drain, gutter
Then instead of just backfilling the trench with clay i added, then compacted, logs and grass clippings.
more PVC pipe needed for roof drain, underdrain, trench, backfill, sandPVC pipe from gutter to backyard, better drainage I then put the dirt back on top of that. I'll probably have to fix this again next year.

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Truly, this is more boring