Max and Jade

My sister and brother in law went on a trip to Hawaii so i got to watch their dogs.

The fun parts:

- running around in the back yard

- afternoon naps

The not fun parts:
- getting drooled on by Jade - waking up to 2 big wet noses in my face at 6:30am
ready to get fed
- trying to walk them together and having to carry around at least 2 pounds of poop in a bag after they both go, even though i let them out in the back yard right before we left

max and jade, labrador retrievers,
taking the dogs for a walk, labs
chocolate lab, black lab, happy
lab asleep on the couch, lab, jade
max, lab, asleep on the couch
Checking out my new tent and sleeping bag
dogs sleeping in the tent, labs


Unknown said...

I bet Jade loved the tent. Big sleeper. Glad they had fun. Thanks for babysitting.

Anonymous said...

Their lives are so rough! The tent is hysterical!