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Percy Jackson & the Olympians - The Battle of the Labrynth - by Rick Riordan

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Book number 4 in the series. An improvement from books 2 and 3. It did a good job of setting up the final book and the final battle. The characters started showing their true selves and made me really want to read the final book.

an exciting 7 out of 10
7 thumbs up, review rating, rick riordan, battle of the labrynth

Percy Jackson & the Olympians - The Last Olympian - by Rick Riordan

the last olympian, book 5, rick riordan, percy jackson and the olympians
The last book, number 5. Well the story finally got back to what it did best...copy Harry Potter. The hero trusting himself to be the chosen one, epic final battle, prophecy revealed.

This wasn't just a cookie cutter "yaaay the hero wins, everyone goes home happy." There were some good surprises for the fight for Mt. Olympus. It brought all of the previous books together and did a good job of having it all make sense. Oh ya and the hero wins and everyone goes home happy... or do they????

even if it is a kids book i still liked it and think it deserves an 8 out of 10
8 thumbs up, rating, review, percy jackson

The best way to best sum up these books is that it's "Harry Potter Lite", but instead of magic it's greek gods. Not as long and involved as the Harry Potter books but still good. Now i know this is going to sound corny but it really was a cool way of understanding about all the greek gods. It somehow made it interesting hearing about Ares, Hades and Dionysus. And how they battled against their Titan parents.

As far as the movie, it's suppose to come out in February 2010 with:

Pierce Brosnan as Chiron,
Uma Thurman as Madusa,
Sean Bean as Zeus, (he was Boromir from Lord of the Rings)

My prediction is that this is going to be a huge hit. It might be almost as huge as Harry Potter.

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