Book Review - 4

Digital Fortress - by Dan Brown

digital fortress by dan brown, book cover Isn't the whole thing about reading is that it's suppose to be enjoyable? I really enjoyed this book a lot. Right from the start i couldn't wait to see what happened next. And i love how short his chapters are. It made it easy to follow when the story jumped from character to character. It did follow the usual format of Dan Brown books, with the usual twists and turns, thinking you know whats going on, only to find out that it was the complete opposite.

There's a reason that this wasn't as popular as Angels & Demons or the The Da Vinci Code...because it wasn't as good as those books. Angels & Demons was great, this had the same kind of feel to it but it was harder to really care about the characters. I really didn't care if everyone died or came home safely. Other then that it was a cool book.
an enjoyable 7 out of 10
7 thumbs up rating, digital fortress, dan brown, rating

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