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I think with these kind of "group story" shows the key is to cast all funny people and have good writers. This show is great and i think will get even better. The plot is that they all go to this community college, happen to be in spanish class together, join a study group and become friends. I think the funniest part so far was when Aved and Troy were just learning the first words and sentences that everyone always reads in those books:
"Hello my name is"
"Where is the library"

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Some parts are really funny, the kids are definitely not one of those parts. The dialog the writers came up with for the kids to say is dumb and not believable. No little kids that are 9-14 years old talks this way.

One really funny part was when the "cool dad" sayshe knows all the moves to High School Musical.

(just skip to 30 seconds)

I also heard Dexter and Flashforward were good shows so i might give them a try.

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