Swamp Pole Vaulting

So the last day in the swamps we were all pretty excited about going home and i was particularly happy that morning. Normally when we came to a creek that was too deep to cross we would try to either go around or just wade through it. This time i had a different idea. I figured i could pole vault across.

Just to note ... that was a mistake.

Here's what i had going against me:

  • big rubber boots
  • 1" of mud inside the boots
  • 2" of water in the boots
  • insufficient approach distance
  • forgetting that a swamp has 3 feet of mud at the bottom
  • lack of athletic ability

Now this first time the pole sank into the mud right as i pushed down.
In spite of that i still almost made it all the way across. Really i did.
I landed mostly on the other shore.
trying to pole vault a river in the forestfalling in river while trying to pole vault, wet
Here's the video:

Being the smart guy that i am, on the way back i just knew that i could make it across. This time i left the pole stuck in the mud from the first jump so that it wouldn't sink any more. Too bad it was way out in the middle of the river and when i jumped instead of pushing me forward, the angle at the top pushed me backwards. I believe the word you're thinking of is FAIL!

I guess i was thinking that "low running" would somehow help???
about to fall in river, pole vault
Right here i'm thinking "oh ya....i got this"
river jump, jumping, pole vault, fall in river
This is about the point where i realized that the pole was in no way helping. Notice the angle of the pole is still pointed backwards.
river jump, jumping, pole vault, fall in river, splash, all wetfail, falling in river, pole vault
Video #2:

To my defense, if i hadn't of jumped i would have waded through the water anyway. But there's nothing better then being up to your waist in mud at 8am, then have to work 12 more hours.


Unknown said...

Love that your buds were kind enough to video tape, but none of them helped you out of the water. Cracked me up at 9am!

Rachel said...

thanks, I don't think I've laughed so hard at work before!