Well more out of town surveying. This time however i was closer to home, Jackson, Michigan. We worked anywhere from 11 to 13 hours a day in corn fields and in swamps. Although it felt like the fields were few and far between. It mostly consisted of being ankle deep in black mucky water, cutting bushes with a machete. The final tally:

Number of times falling/sinking waist deep in the swamp................24
Number of times falling face first in the water.............................2

Percentage of body covered in poison sumac after 2 weeks.............30%

And yes i won the contest for the person with the most poison sumac. Later i'll post the pictures of me having to go to the hospital for that.

wet and muddy boots, muddy socks, swamp
This was after having to walk around with 3" of muck in my boots for several hours. pouring mud out of boots, swampmuck boots, leak, muddy boots
After 3 days of leaving my "formerly white" socks on the AC unit outside our motel, the cleaning lady finally threw these out. I WAS going to have quite a collection going.drying socks at hotel, ac unit
And here are the rest of the pictures i took. Trying to show the more fun parts of the trip.

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Olsztyn-Budry Family Blog said...

I think Ken won the award for most body covered with poison sumac! Or at least it seemed like it when we were sitting in the Hospital ER at 5:00pm on Saturday!...Olivia - his wife