Book Review - 2

Percy Jackson & the Olympians - The Sea of Monsters - by Rick Riordan
percy jackson and the olympians, the sea of monsters, rick riordan, book cover This is book 2 in the 5 part series. Although i really liked book one, having all the potential of being a really interesting story, this was a terrible continuation of the first. It added NOTHING new, felt like a carry-over from the first book and still felt like it was for kids.

I'll still probably read the remainder of the series but my expectations are lower after reading this.

a disappointing 2 out of 10 thumbs upthe sea of monsters, book review, terrible, 2 thumbs up out of 10

Percy Jackson & the Olympians - The Titan's Curse - by Rick Riordan

rick riordan, the titans curse, bad book, reviewBook 3 of the series. This actually gives me hope. It was a lot better then #2, new story, new characters and now i'm thinking the final 2 books might be pretty good. Still no Harry Potter but getting closer.

Oh ya and even though their all about 300 pages, you could read all of these books in about a half a day if you really wanted to. Perfect for my lack of concentration.
a promising 6 out of 106 thumbs up book review, rick riordan

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