Garden - August

By this point it wasn't as much a garden as it was an area of my yard FILLED with weeds. Next year i'm using Preen for sure to prevent that from happening. I spent a good hour pulling enough weeds to fill a garbage can.

But lets start with the good stuff. The tomatoes, carrots, pumpkins and corn are growing great. Everything else isn't.
backyard garden harvest, tomato, corn, beans, onion
backyard garden, cherry tomato on vine
gourd in backyard garden, growing on vine, green
pumpkin just starting to grow in garden, green
baby carrot in garden
green tomato on vine, almost ripe
corn just starting to grow on stalk, corn on cob
Here's what it looked like after pulling the weeds. Notice the big pile on the right.
pulling weeds from garden, weed garden, preen
how to get rid of weeds in garden, pull, preen
and here's the new compost pile, maybe i'll end up with some good dirt for next year

simple compost bin, pile, wood posts, fence

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