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I currently have two workbenches in my basement workshop, which were made from pine 2x4's.  I built them with the thought that they would be very strong and sturdy, but i also wanted them to be quick and easy to build with a minimal amount of wood.  The workbenches are 8' long, 3' high, and 2' deep.  This is what they looked like in my old shop.
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Here's a link to when i built the 2nd bench back in 2012.

Here are a couple of pictures i took while building my second bench several years ago, back when i had half of the basement as my workshop.

The 2x4 boards i started with.
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Making cuts
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All the 2x4's cut into pieces to the correct length.
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The basic framework of the 2x4 bench assembled.  The first bench i made i used screws.  This second bench i used nails.  I probably should have used glue as well.
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Basic framework.
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Here's a close up of the new one i built using screws.  
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Another view of the old bench frame.
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For me, a 36" high work bench is comfortable, which is why that is the height.  The 8' long and 2' deep dimensions come from the size of the table surface.  I used a 4'x8' sheet of 3/4" melamine board cut in half lengthwise as the table top.  But this time instead of buying the melamine board, which cost around $35 for a 4x8 sheet, i used our old kitchen counter top.  But i have to say that the melamine that i've used in the past works great.  It never gets marked, worn, dented, stained, and its condition has held up wonderfully for the many years that i've had them.

The workbench that i make is super quick, super basic, and super simple.  I could have made a more complicated bench with dado's or mortise and tendon joints, but i feel like i don't need that.  Sometimes the quick and simple design is the best.

This new bench that i decided to build was for my parents garage up north.  Again it will be a 3'high, 8'long, 2' wide bench.  I built the legs first, using screws again.
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In place next to the first bench with a melamine top.
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In the past i've just laid the melamine top on the table, no screws or attachment.  This time i had the old counter top.  I had to cut it down a bit and it was a little tricky because it wasn't flat on the bottom.  But i got it to fit fairly well, with a little overhang on each side.
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Realizing that the old countertop was too short.  So i took the 3 cross-members off and shortened the bench a fe inches.
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Then i cut and attached the 8' horizontal boards.  I decided that it would look a lot better if it was painted white.  So i took everything out to the backyard and painted on 2 coats of white primer.

Then i took it apart, leaving the legs together, and took it all up north.  Then i put it back together in the garage.  It seems to fit well along the wall and hopefully will get a lot of use.
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Finished workbench.
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