Car Window Stopped Working - Fix GM Window Regulator

I've made lots of repairs to the 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix over the past 9 years that i've owned it.

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  • Fix Broken GM Window Regulator Track 

    One thing i did back in 2014 was to replace the window regulator in the drivers side rear window.  I originally tried to fix it, but the tab on the plastic end piece was completely broken and it could not be repaired.  This is where the cheap plastic end broke off.
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    This was my attempt at fixing the plastic piece with some epoxy.  But it didn't hold up under the torque.
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    So i had to spend $80 and buy a whole new regulator, for a cheaply made 5 cent plastic part.  Here's the broken one and new one i had to buy.
    Car Window Won't Open, Drivers Side Window, Passenger Side Window,

    So when the passenger side window stopped working, but i could hear the motor running, i was afraid that i would have to shell out another $80. One thing that i know may have saved it, was that i immediately stopped pressing the window up-down button.  Last time i kept pressing it even though i heard the weird grinding noise and i think that's what really broke the plastic tabs off.  This time it was only half broken and salvageable.  

    So after taking off the door panel, wedging up the glass window, and removing the regulator, i realized that i might be able to fix it.
    Car Window Stopped Working, Pontiac Grand Prix Window

    Here's the plastic dust cover you have to remove first.  The black goop will stick back on the door once you are done.
    How to Fix a Car Window, Fix Car Window Regulator, Window Track

    Wires to disconnect the regulator.
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    Here's a picture from 2014 where you can see using a 2x4 to hold up the window, so that i can drive around while i try to fix the regulator.
    how to replace car window

    This time i got a little bit lucky, the plastic tab was not completely broken off.
    fix broken car regulator, motor, track

    Back side, the important parts of the plastic piece were still there.
    fix broken GM window track

    Here you can see why the piece breaks.  All the torque is put on that little tab sticking up, when it breaks the hole part comes out of the slot in the metal frame.
    easy cheap fix, window, regulator, track

    Taking what i learned from the last time, i knew there was a lot of force being put on that plastic piece.  And since it's just a crappy piece of plastic, the tabs that keep it in place break.  This was the part from 2014, completely broken.
    cheap GM plastic piece

    But since it was still somewhat intact i thought i could add some metal screws to hold it back in place.  So i predrilled, tapped and installed a couple of strategically places screws to hold the plastic piece in place.  Here's the holes i drilled to surround the plastic piece.
    fix cheap GM plastic part, window regulator

    Here's the plastic end piece being held in place with the bolts around it.
    how to fix the broken window regulator

    And here it is from the back side.  I was also lucky that the plastic tab on this side was mostly ok and could still hook over the metal frame.
    fix car window

    I had high hopes, but after the last one that i tried to fix i wasn't sure.  But i took the window regulator out to the car, took off the door panel, bolted it into place and wired it up.  And sure enough it worked like new.  So i put everything back together and it's been fine so far.
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    Luckily i didn't have to shell out another $80 for a whole new part.  But it's a shame that they don't make them like they used to.  That part should have been made out of metal, it seems like with the stress it's under, it's prone to breaking.  But hey, i guess they save 1 cent on every car.

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