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Baby Crib Rail - DIY Safety Guard 


How do you know when it's time to convert your crib to a bed?  We knew when our son got mad, because we put him to bed, and he climbed up the side of the crib and jumped out.  Our son did that two nights in a row, the second time landing on his face.  So we said, I guess it's time to take the front off of the crib and turn it into a toddler bed.  Technically our crib is a convertible crib that turns into a bed.  Really that just means that the front rail is removable.  Here's the crib with the front rail off.
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That made our son really happy.  He loved being able to climb in and out of his bed by himself.  The new problem is that he rolls around a lot in his sleep and we were afraid he would fall out during the night.  For the first couple of nights we put pillows on the ground.  The crib was suppose to come with a shorter rail that exited just above the mattress, but it turns out that part was sold separately.  Here's what that short rail looks like.
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Initially i was going to make a new front rail instead of buying one.  I figured it wouldn't be too hard to have it mount to the existing holes in the bed where the original frame attached.  But then my wife heard from someone about something that would be quicker, easier and work better.

She heard that you could just take a foam pool noodle and stuff it under the sheets at the edge of the mattress.  
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That would provide a small physical barrier so that he would not roll over, but can still easily climb in and out of the bed.  
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As opposed to a big wooden rail in front that would make getting in and out a problem.  So we went to the dollar store, bought a foam pool noodle and tried it out.
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So far it's worked great.  He's slept there for 6 months now and hasn't fallen out or rolled out in his sleep.  It provides just enough of a hump that he can't roll over it, yet it's still low enough that you can barely see it.  Plus i didn't have to make anything and it only cost $1.
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