300th Blog Post

Well after 3 years and 2 months i have reached my 300th blog post. The first one was on 6-17-2009. I didn't realize that it had been that long until i just now checked the date.

The whole blog thing sort of started as a way to show friends and family pictures of places i had gone and things i had made. All of the early posts were of pictures from working out of town in places like Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky. Also i wrote about things like my garden and TV shows that i liked to watch.

Actually not much has changed, i still post pictures of places i go, and still write about stuff around the house. The past year has been a lot about photography. Taking cool pictures at night and making homemade lens filters for my camera. Also mixed in was a lot of How To sort of stuff. The blog was sort of an excuse to try different things. Although in just the past few months i have started getting into something called SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. The short explanation for that is, getting more people to see your website. The way you do that is to get your pages to appear higher up on Google when people type in particular keywords.

After 4 months of reading, writing, experimenting and trying out all sorts of cool new things it's really made a difference. In 2009 i averaged about 230 page views per month. For most of 2010
and 2011 i averaged around 1,000 page views per month. Last month i averaged around 800 views per day and had 36,000 views just in the month of July. The total number of page views just passed 100,000 this month.
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I've really enjoyed seeing how people come to my blog, what words they type in, and how different backlinking strategies work. For example here's one of the lists and graphs on Google Analytics which shows the most popular searched for words people typed to get to my blog.
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And as a bit of motivation and far off dreams and hopes i added Google Adsense. I know it can be annoying but hopefully you have AdBlocker Plus installed on your computer and never noticed the ads. But by adding them to my pages i just recently made $100.
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I've had small goals along the way, i was happy when i averaged $1 per day for the month of July. Hopefully that too continues to increase. It would be neat to get a $100 check in the mail from Google every couple of months.

Back in October of 2011 i wrote my 200th post which i posted while in Italy. I didn't really have time to write about everything i wanted, but i quickly listed my favorite blog posts. So here's my current favorite things i've done or seen and put up on my blog.

  • 2,600 Miles on a Honda - My motorcycle trip from Arizona to Michigan. It was the best adventure i've ever been on.
  • Italy - Going with Karrie to Italy for 10 days was amazing. The more i think back and look at the pictures, the more amazing it seems.
  • CHDK - This is when i really started to get into photography stuff. I began trying different things and having fun taking better pictures. And that's how i learned about creating time lapse videos which i think is really cool.
  • Fixing my Snapper Riding Lawn Mower and another Riding Mower in the garage. Taking pictures for the blog actually helped me to organize my thoughts. In order to explain to people how i fixed the mowers i really had to understand everything i was doing.
  • Las Vegas - Yet another trip that Karrie and i went on. It didn't hurt that i won $1,000 when i was there either.
  • 3 Weeks in West Virginia - This was one of the trips i took out of town for work. At the time it wasn't really fun, but looking back it's cool seeing everything i came across.
Honorable Mention - Best Lunch Ever - I still don't know why more places don't sell Bacon Double Cheesburger Wraps. They are excellent.Link
Like i said earlier, the blog was a great excuse for me to take lots of pictures. Recently i think i've gotten a lot better. But here are some of my favorites. I'm sure there's some that i missed but it's impossible to go through all of them .

hiking trail in the manistee forest, a walk in the woods, michigan trail hikingmichigan sleeping bear dunes, great lake, lake michigan, sand, water
clout gate chicago, the bean, reflection, rain, umbrella, girlspinning wool, steel wool, long exposure photography

trevi fountain, rome italy, at night

star lake panorama, reflection at night

motorcycle and tent, camping at night, motorcycle ridecocoa beach florida, ocean pier, sunset
ND filter lake water, calm, dock, sitting
rome train station, italy, train time, waiting, looking

corned beef sandwich, best sandwich ever, recipe, clevelandmonarch butterfly migration, michigan, canada, mexico, thousands
cat bath, wet cat, water, sad
ND filter at the lake, calm lake water, smooth, dock, black and white, effect, photography

Here's three of my favorite videos. This first one is a compilation of several videos that shot when i was first experimenting with time lapse. I used Adobe After Effects to put it all together and make the sense of movement with the camera.

Here's another time lapse video that i made while Karrie and i were waiting for our plane to arrive at the Phoenix Airport. This one turned out exactly how i imagined it. The pictures were taken at night and i wanted to get a slight blur to the lights of the cars as they were moving.

This is another video i created using CHDK while staying at the cabin in Gatlinburg Tennessee. You can see the stars as they rotate around in the sky.

If you're interested, here's my Youtube page with all the video's i've ever uploaded. There's about 100 videos in total.

In the future i plan on continuing to post the same type of things as i have been. I don't have Facebook or Twitter, which is fine with me. That means i don't have to read stuff like "If you like being happy then forward this on to 400 of your friends." Instead of an immediate kind of interaction as with Facebook, the blog is more of a planned out story format, which i like.

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