Cat Flys in His Sleep

I went upstairs the other day and this is how i found my cat Charlie. He was in his usual 9am - 1pm sleeping spot, my bed. It looked like he was dreaming about flying.
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He has various sleeping spots around the house. You will find him sleeping on or under certain beds and at different corners of the couch depending on what time of day it is. At night i let him out and he just runs around and hides.
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Here's some of the other posts i've written about him
  • Charle Bath - This is when i gave him a bath to get rid of fleas. He didn't really like it.
  • Easter Bunny - He caught this baby rabbit on three different nights. He never killed it and it eventually got away for good.
  • Baby Bird - This was a baby robin that couldn't fly. I don't think he killed this either.
  • Wild Cat - Him drinking out of the toilet.
  • Flying Cat - He was more energetic when he was little.
  • Mouse - Another helpless animal that he caught but didn't kill. Charlie just delicately picked it up by it's feet and brought it to the door.
  • Charlie and his Wing - Some random pigeon wing he showed up with in the middle of winter. There's about a 0.04% chance that he had anything do do with killing the bird. Probably from a Red Tailed Hawk that i've seen several times in my neighborhood.
  • Squirrels -1 - Charlie acting like he's tough.

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