Video Chat - Skype vs Tango

Last week when i went out of town, Karrie and i decided to try out video chat. Just like in every sci-fi movie of the future, where people don't just talk on the phone, but also see the persons face. We decided to try both Skype and Tango, the two most popular video chat programs.
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When comparing the two i realized that the program for the PC was not the same as the mobile version for the cell phone. So i came out with two different results:

Video Chat using a Computer
If you have a microphone and you are using you computer or laptop, then the winner is:
skype, video chat, logo
Skype had lots of features and easy to use. When you run the program on your computer, you are able to clearly see all of those features and understand how everything works. But you have to make sure you have a webcam and microphone. Some laptops now come with those built in.
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Video Chat using a Cell Phone
If you are planning on using video chat with a cell phone, then the winner is:
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When you are using a cell phone you don't need lots of features. In fact it's a lot easier to use an app with a simple interface. No clutter no fancy options, just turn it on, call and video talk. With a small cell phone screen, it's not easy to see and use all of the buttons. That's why i liked Tango's interface better.
tango video chat screen shot, screenshot, cell phone, address book, call

So if you are looking to try out video chat with your family and friends, the program you want depends on whether you will be using your computer or cell phone. I would think that the majority of people now a days would be using their cell phone. In that case i would recommend connecting to a wi-fi first. It takes a lot of bandwidth to transfer live video. If you have a bad connection, the video can get really choppy. Also your phone needs to have a forward facing camera, otherwise you won't be able to see the person you are talking to, and sort of ruins the whole point.


Glenn said...

You stated that "If you have a microphone and you are using you computer or laptop, then the winner is: Skype". Would this not be the case no matter which program you were using? I think that I missed something in your comparison.

Notitlerequired said...

Ya that had nothing to do with the comparison of Skype to Tango. I was just saying to remember that if you are using a laptop, you need a microphone and web cam. Although i think most modern laptops have these built in. But for a desktop computer or older laptop you will need to plug those two things in.

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