New Cottage on the Lake

My sister and brother in law just bought a cottage on the west side of the state. It's on a lake, so last weekend we helped them move the jet boat and boat hoist.

Here's pictures of the weekend we were up north to take the hoist apart. Then this weekend all of the parts to the shore station/boat lift were loaded on to a trailer and strapped down.
shore station, boat hoist, parts, on trailer, take apart, how to

On our way with the jet boat and hoist.
driving with trailer and boat hoist, jet boat, shore station, transport

Here is a panorama of the lake and cottage.
(click to enlarge)
lake panorama, water, sky, cottage, beach

I tried out my homemade ND filter with my camera. It really makes a calm looking photograph, especially when it's converted to black and white. This picture was a 30 second exposure.
homemade, diy, nd filter, black and white, photoshop, smooth water

Here's a time lapse video of us putting in the dock and putting the boat hoist together. It only took 2.5 hours to do but unfortunately my camera battery died after about 2 hours. So you miss seeing us push it over the sea wall and into the water.

The rest of the weekend was spent swimming and watching max jumping off the dock, into the water.
dog jumping off dock into lake water, max, lab, labrador, dog, chase

This is a picture i took from about 8' past the end of the dock.
dog jump dock water lake lab

That's his Kong he's chasing on the right.
dog jump dock water lake lab, kong, floating

And here's more pictures of the lake and Max.
nd filter for camera, homemade, how to make, create cool smooth effect

dog leaping off shore into lake to catch ball

dog jumping off dock into water

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