Memorial Day Parade - 2012

I took some picture again year in the Redford Memorial Day Parade. Here's pictures from the last parade in 2010. I'll skip the story, but i first started taking pictures while driving in the parade in 2007. The very first picture i took was when i saw my friend Ryan and his dad.

Since then i've seen them every year standing in generally the same spot. Here's what i mean, these are pictures from 2007-2010.
redford memorial day parade years 2007-2012 pictures ryans dad

And now in 2012.
ryans dad redford parade, memorial day, pointing

Ryan's dad did not disappoint. As long as he's there and i get this picture every year, i'm happy.

After 2007 i started taking pictures of all the people who lined the street and waved. Then i did it again in 2008, then 2009, 2010, skipped a year and now again in 2012. I've noticed a trend in lots of people who dress the same, sit in the same place and act the same as i drive by. So here's some of those pictures. Before i begin though, here's pictures from 2010 Memorial Day Parade.

First let me show you past pictures of people i did NOT see this year. Either i didn't notice them or they weren't at the side of the road for the parade.

Donutown Ladies - I looked but didn't see them. They weren't on their lawn chairs or in their minivan.
donut town ladies, parade, stretch pants, spandex, fat, chair, van

Biker guy with beer cozie.
fat biker guy, beer cozie, lawn chair, parade

Licking kid. I didn't see him or his plastic yellow ring.
licking kid, yellow ring, memorial day parade, church

Mr. Moustachio and his friend - They weren't down by the river this year.
mr moustachio and friend, redford parade, big black socks, hippie

My 3rd grade teacher from Bulman Elementary (which got torn down this year)
mrs cannizzaro, bulman elementary, redford memorial day parade

So those were all the people i missed this year, but here's the people i did see.

Lonley guy. He is always seen sitting in a lawn chair all by himself.

lonley guy, redford memorial day parade, lawn chair, alone, fat

This year, same as always. Notice the super old computer monitor in the window. And he always has shorts, black socks and a t-shirt.

Shirtless guy and his dog
hippie shirtless long hair guy, and dog, parade, tan, memorial day

This year he's back to his cut-off's. Even the dog's the same, with the crooked way it sits.
shirtless guy and dog at parade, long beard

This kid is always in a great mood and looks so happy to see the parade.
strange white vampire kid at parade, getting candy

Though it doesn't look like he's been out in the sun since last year.
happy vampire, kid, super white, camo pants, by road at parade

These three area always sitting down by the river. And the one lady always has an interesting shirt on.
family that sits down by the river to watch the parade, chair, clothes

This year she's wearing a Kenny Rogers shirt. And the guy is still wearing his black velcro shoes.
unhappy family, smokes, sits, parade watching

The best cop in Redford.
oldest cop in redford, police man, funny, happy, smiling

Looking good this year too.
best cop ever, reflective vest, happy, smiling

This was Mr. Big Mac 2010 - The Hamburgler
the hamburgler, fat, pointing at candy, kids, chair

And this year's Mr. Big Mac - 2012 - Big Red. I'm guessing he's in charge of guarding the candy all the kids collect.
this years mr big mac, parade, candy

In 2010 this girl must have just been getting back from a soccer game.
chubby soccer girl walking along the parade

This year, no soccer but still cat like reflexes.
big girl running after candy, words on forehead, fat

I'm not sure what it says on her forehead, but there is definitely something written there in permanent magic marker.
weird running girl gettin candy with stuff written on her forhead

The most disappointed family - 2012
most disappointed family award

Here's this guy with his stripey pants in 2010.
chef pants, depressed, parade, watch, memorial day

In 2012 he switched to jean shorts.
still frowning at parade, unhappy, jean shorts

Typical parade watchers.
worst parenting award, parade watching, smoking, tattoo

This was a group of people that usually sit in the same spot. The one guy had his pimp-cup back in 2010.
parade pimp cup, memorial day, drinking beer

Not as many people there this year.
redneck parade watching, beer, drinking

2012 Father of the Year. Pulling his daughter around to see the parade.
father of the year award, drinking, beer, 40oz in bag

Someone needs to tell those girls that their matching sunglasses are big and uncool.
uncool girls with giant sunglasses, thinking they are cool

I thought that these two hippie guys looked related, maybe it was just the weird "einstein-like" hair.
harry hippy and his hippie wife, woman watching parade

harry einstein look a like at parade

Another family enjoying the parade in lawn chairs. The kid is sporting a sweet mullet.
mullet kid and family enjoying parade, beer, smoking

Harikrishna kids. Although i didn't see their harikrishna parents, who obviously force their kids to dress like that and shave their heads.
harikrishna kids watching parade, shaved head, ponytail sandals

Some random hippie stealing a painting.
walking down the sidewalk with painting, cut off jean shorts, hippy

He just kept on walking with his homemade shorts, high black socks and hippie headband.
watching a man steal a painting in public, parade

Monkey harness from 2010.

And monkey harness 2012.
kid with monkey backpack at parade

Kids excited to get some candy.
big girl excited about getting candy thrown at parade, ripped dress

With the help of their parents direction.
typical family watching the memorial day parade

This girl went for the cute and adorable angle, which seemed to work.
happy girl getting candy at parade, nice, friendly

Here's the 2nd best Santa Claus at the parade.
santa clause at memorial day parade in desguise

This guy got 1st place. It's funny that they both have big white beards and both wear red shirts.
real santa clause sitting in chair at parade, redford

The long shorts club.
typical redford kids with long jean shorts, look dumb

Whatever this is.
sexy sitting at parade, in grass, spread legs

The guy in the middle looks extremly comfortable.
man wanting to have fun at parade, sitting in chair, drinking

I always find it interesting when people are filming the parade. This was from 2010.
filming the parade to watch later makes no sense

Apparently now people are filming it on their cell phones. As if two weeks later they are going to say, "Hey who wants to watch the Memorial Day Parade on my cell phone?"
filming parade with phone, dumb, watch later

See you next year.
party parade watcher, drinking, smoking, waving

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, i really laughed hard looking at those parade photos and all those people!!!! I could not stop cracking up at your comments. I was wondering why they are all so heavy there??? Must be something in the water, where was that?