Justin Beiber ---> Vanilla Ice

First of all, let me just say that i know absolutely nothing about Justin Beiber. I couldn't tell you any of his songs.

But the other day i saw this picture of him and thought, "Hey, that guy looks like Vanilla Ice"
Justin Beiber, peace sign, black leather coat, haircut, smiling, braclet, sunny, vanilla ice

From the dumb haircut to the piece signs, the resemblance is eerie. Forgetting about the air brushed clothes.
vanilla ice, justing beiber, piece sign, american flag coat, air brushed clothes, ray ban, haircut

So if history is said to repeat itself, that means that Justin Beiber soon will:
  • Get held upside-down out of the 30th floor of a hotel window, by his ankles, until he pays Suge Knight money
  • Sing in a live action turtle movie, based on a kids cartoon
  • Become unpopular
  • Get lots of tattoos
  • Say he was always a "tough rapper" but just did that corny stuff for the money
  • Star in a celebrity reality show
vanilla ice, rob van winkle, vanilla ice, tattoos, rapper, las vegas, turtle, celebrity


Dan Brauer said...

You're forgetting the fact that Justin Beiber looks like a 30 year old lesbian and Vanilla Ice actually looks like a man... And did Justin Beiber ever sing "Go Ninja, Go Ninja Go"?

JennyB said...

Don't forget that at the end of all of that he will become a million dollar house flipper!

Notitlerequired said...

Ya i saw Vanilla Ice or Rob Vanwinkle as he's calling himself now on that design show the other day. He was the Guest Judge for the rooms they made in the train station.

The asian guy and the girl were giving all these detailed opinions of the rooms and Vanilla Ice was like "It's cool, i could totally write some songs in a room like this."

Having said that, i think a design critic is a lot of crap. Does a room look good or not. It doesn't take some fancy New York expert to tell you that.

Plus the experts loved the room that only had a couch turned sideways. Which i thought was retarded.