Detroit Tigers - Comerica Park Centerfield

At the start of the season Karrie bought 2 tickets for $9 each for Detroit Tigers vs Seattle Mariners. We sat in left field, section 149, row 1.
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Comerica Park, Tigers Stadium, view from left field bleachers seats
Being right behind the bullpens, we got to see all of the pitchers warming up, including Max Scherzer, the Tigers starting pitcher.
detroit tigers, stadium, seat view, pitcher bullpen, coach
He pitched ok, but gave up a lot of hits and the Mariners scored a few runs.
max scherzer, detroit tigers, pitcher, starting pitcher,
Here's video of him warming up.

The funny thing before the game was the rookie pitchers for the Mariners walking to the bullpen with their cartoon, little kid, backpacks.
seattle mariners, rookie, pitcher, funny backpacks
It was a little cold and windy. But for the middle of April i wasn't expecting it to be 54 degrees.
comerica park, night game, panorama, stadium
Definitely the best part of the game was Miguel Cabrera's homerun.
miguel cabrera, homerun, pitch, mariners, detroit tigers
It was coming right for us, flew over our heads and landed 5 rows behind us. You can't see our faces because right as the camera zoomed in, we turned around to watch where the ball went.
left field homerun, detroit tigers, miguel cabrera, catch ball
Jose Valverde warmed up a bit, but the tigers never came close enough for him to come in at the 9th inning for the save.jose valverde, detroit tigers, relief pitcher, warming up, bullpen
We got up in the 7th and walked around the stadium.
panorama, comerica park, detroit tigers, stadium, game
I stopped at one of the balcony's to try and get a cool picture of the ferris wheel. It sort of came out how i wanted, but not perfect. There was too much stuff in the way.

Here's the view from the upper deck. It's been a while since i've had tickets up here, i forget that they are not that bad of seats. But with left and right field tickets selling for under $15 dollars i don't see any reason to sit way up in section 238.
night game at comerica park, detroit tigers, stadium, panorama
Anyway, it was a fun game to go to, even though it was cold and the Tigers lost.
the view from seat in left field at comerica park, behind the bullpens


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your site, and agree that left-centerfield is definitely the place to be at Comerica! But why d'ya think it is that the Tigers almost always lost to Seattle, one of the weakest teams in the American League?

World Champs in 2013!
Chris Potter

Notitlerequired said...

Maybe because they spend $100,000,000 on pitching and hitting and forget about defense.

But it sounds like this year the Tigers may be trading for a new short stop. Plus Torii Hunter joining the team will help with defense in the outfield.