Phoenix Airport Time Lapse

While waiting for our plane to arrive in the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, i made this time lapse video of Terminal 4. I used my Canon S95 camera with the CHDK program running the intervalometer script. Here's my previous CHDK post.

I took a photo every 3 seconds over about 50 minutes. I then compressed the images, converted them to a video at 8 fps.

Then i used Adobe After Effects to add the intro, sound, motion and other minor effects.


I used After Effects once before to edit a compilation of time lapse videos i created. The video below took several days and lots of reading of how to do each step.

This time though, it only took me a few hours. It goes to show that the first time is always the most difficult, then every time after that goes faster.

Here's my Youtube Channel with all of the video's i have uploaded.

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