Make Shish Kabob and Pasta Salad

The other day Karrie and i made Shish Kabob. We cut up onions and peppers.
Homemade Shish Kabob Ingredients
And cut chicken into pieces.Homemade Shish Kabob Chicken
Then we each picked different BBQ sauce and shook everything in a bowl, with the lids on, until it was nicely coated.Shish Kabob BBQ Sauce
Then put everything on skewers.Shish Kabob Skewers
All set, but it was a messy job.
Shish Kabob chicken and Skewers
Waiting for the grill to heat up.Shish Kabob Grill
Just setting them on the grill.Shish Kabob Grilling
Almost done.
Homemade Shish Kabob on the Grill
We also made pasta salad. Here's the sausage and cheese cut into cubes.
Homemade Pasta Salad Ingredients
Boiling the pasta.
Homemade Pasta Salad Boiling Noodles
All done with cheese and italian dressing added.
Pasta Salad with Dressing and Olives

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