End of an Era - No More Ball Pit

I've had the ball pit in my living room for many years now. The pool finally popped a hole in it and it's been long past due for me to take it down.

I guess i'll have to get real furniture and read books in a chair like a grown-up now.

Emptying out the pool. Luckily i kept all of the square plastic bags the balls came in.
2500 Ball Pit Balls
10 bags with 250 balls in each bag = 2,500 balls. Apparently Toys-R-Us still sells these bags, maybe i can try to return them.Toys R Us Balls
Katie, Jack and i in the pool when it was by the window.
Ball Pit
Ball Pool


Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon this post googling ideas for a homemade ball pit... yours is impressive! I must say though, I hope you don't really try to return the balls. It is quite upsetting to think that when I go to Toys R Us to buy a NEW bag of balls, I could actually be buying some that were used by someone else and that have all sorts of germs and bacteria and who knows what else on them. If I wanted that, I would buy them used on eBay.

The reason so many kids' restaurants are getting rid of ball pits, and why homemade ball pits have become such a trend to begin with, is that they are so unsanitary. And I highly doubt you personally cleaned and disinfected all 2,500 of yours.

Try selling the balls USED on eBay instead--I'm sure some people would be interested, and at least you are being honest that way. But what if you went to the store to buy a NEW, say, teething ring, only to discover that someone else's kid had used it first? Ick! If you wanted that, you would buy it used to begin with.

As a mother, I seriously hope you think better of that idea.

Anonymous said...

Wow! some people are so uptight. I am sure when you talked about returning them you were just kidding... the mother above should get off her computer and go pay attention to her kids because obviously she has nothing else to do but try to teach grown people lessons. If you don't like his blog honey don't read it!

Anonymous said...

Do you still have these balls? Do you want to sell them?

fullspectrumblogs@gmail.com said...

I'd love to buy them! I need a ton for my kids' occupational therapy. They're so pricey new and I'd happily give em a scrub just to get my kids the pit they need!

Notitlerequired said...

First thing is that i live in Michigan, so unless you live less than an hour from Detroit, it probably doesn't make any sense in wanting to buy them.

Second thing is yes i still have them, they are currently on my new shelf that i built in my garage. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see. http://davewirth.blogspot.com/2012/10/how-to-build-garage-shelves.html

Thirdly, ya i would probably sell them, they are just taking up space right now. So the anonymous mother that was worried about me returning them can rest easy.


Unknown said...

Hi Dave how much for all these balls
we are a non profit church looking at having a ball pitt ?

Notitlerequired said...

Sorry i don't think i'm getting rid of them, they are still sitting in my garage: garage shelf

But like i said for $25 you can get 250 balls at Toys R Us. And after everything is factored in, was the cheapest i could find them for. Unless you can find some bulk wholesale place in the area.