Halfway Garden

The backyard garden halfway through the season.
Here's what it looked like just after planting. I put the grass clippings down so no seeds would wash away. I also used Preen to help control the weeds. That and grass mulch worked pretty well. till and mulch backyard garden, prepare to plant till and fertilize rows in garden
View from the roof while i was up cleaning the gutters and trimming the tree branches.
garden view from above, michigan soil, clay
The beans, cucumber and potatoes grew the fastest.
garden green beans, sprout first, grow well backyard garden, cucumber, huge cucumber and beans, from garden, clean
Again this year, the only thing i really care whether or not it grows, is corn. I planted three rows and it's doing ok. The shade from the tree isn't helping. Then i also found out afterwords that i should have soaked the seeds for 24 hours the day before to help it start germinating.
corn seed sprout, shoot corn seedling, sprouting, michigan garden corn rows, 1 month after planting corn husks on stalk, ready to pick, garden
I also planted some corn along the side of the garage. A couple of them are doing great.
rows of corn by the side of the garage
String for the 4 different types of tomato plants
string and lathe for tomato plants garden rows, wood stakes and string to support plants garden sunflowers and tomatoes
The bamboo shoots came up earlier in the year. Now all of the their energy is going into their roots, which are really starting to spread.
spreading bamboo roots, rhyzomes, invasive

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