Bored at Home

A while ago i made a stand to hang bananas. As usual i looked at a whole bunch of different versions and didn't like them. So i made this. The base tube is PVC and the arm and hook is aluminum.
how to make a banana rack, simple, strong, aluminum

simple banana rack, pvc, aluminum, strong
I also bought a crock pot a while back and i've used it a few times. This was corned beef brisket with 2 soups and lots of vegetables, oh and as much garlic as Emeril would use.
crock pot cooking, ingredientshow to cook with a crock pot, potatoes, gravy, meat, carrots So far i've done beef, chicken and pork. The beef brisket was the best. Next i'm going to try just adding ribs and barbecue sauce. I've heard it's great.

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