Drain Pipe #2

A few months ago i routed my roof downspout to drain underground. It was a little difficult digging the trench but it turned out ok. It was fairly easy, just a lot of digging and trenching under the concrete walk.

Right after i finished that i started working on the other roof drain in my back yard. That was a long time ago.

This time i had to chop and saw my way through vines and tree roots, dig along side a fence, hammer and chisel and eventually move concrete slabs.
install drain pipe, concrete slab, gutter
The problem was that my concrete patio was in the way. So i thought i'd just take a chisel and a big hammer and make a hole in the concrete and run the pipe under it. But first i had to move a big slab of concrete out of the way. I used 2x4's and rocks and levered it over a few feet.
Then i discovered that under the concrete slab is another slab of concrete. So instead of making a hole i just knocked out the corner. This all took a long time over many days and many smashed knuckles, to bash away enough concrete to fit the drain pipe.how to install roof drain, drain pipe, gutter, underdrain
Once again the clay soil doesn't drain well in the backyard either. But i was eventually able to place the PVC pipe on sand in the trench.
how to make PVC pipe from gutter, drain, rain water, underground
finished yard drain, backfill, dirt, gutter
I still have to pour concrete to fill in around the pipe. It's a lot of work for something most people will walk by and never notice.

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