The Price is Right LOGO, how to get on the showAs i had said a few weeks ago, my buddy John and i were on the Price is Right in LA.
The reason why we didn't get to sit together is that we showed up at 8:30 and we were just about the last people in the studio, out of 316 people we were 309 and 310. We lucked out and barely made it. So when we walked in to the studio they split us up. John went to the right, got screwed and had to sit in the last row. I went to the left, somehow lucked out and sat right up front behind contestants row.
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Here's me telling the contestants what to bid. If they would have listened to me they would have won every time but once. For example in this picture i was telling her to bid $1000. The winning bid...$1000.
how to bid on the price is right show, when to bid 1 dollar
Here was the funniest part of the show, when Roy got up there and bid $200 for a wicker chair. It ended up being $1400. It was the worst bid. Drew even joked around during the commercial with his family on how bad it was.
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John in the back row surrounded by all the people in red shirts
how to get your name called on the price is right show, drew carey
Some quick things to know about the show:

  • they film 2 shows a day but to be sure to get on the show you should probably get there before 7am. then in our case they said they had 50 empty seats for the second show and people could stay in their seats and see that too
  • before you get to be in the audience you have to sit/stand for hours in 2 different lines, where you hold colored tickets with numbers on them. for example they might say "ok i need all the people with blue tickets, numbers 1-200 to line up here"
  • they have a brief "interview" with people to decide on who to call up (ie. the sailor and the woman who's 60th birthday it is)
  • no camera or cell phones allowed. you have to go through a metal detector and leave your phone in a cardboard box.
  • the studio is way smaller then it looks on tv
  • the stage is also a lot smaller then you think
  • the announcer, Rich Fields, talks before the show and is really funny. he tries to tell you what to do and where to go when if you get called up
  • Drew talks to the crowd between commercials, while they are setting up the games and he was also really funny.
  • there are about 15 people and 3 cameras on the stage during the show, making it difficult to see what's going on from the audience
  • it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to hear anything that drew or the announcer is saying. they want you to clap and cheer constantly and their microphones don't amplify out to the crowd so it's real confusing.
  • when they say "Joe Smith, come on down..." you can't hear that at all so they have 2 people up on stage that hold up big signs with "Joe Smith" written on it.
  • it did seem a lot more difficult when you're there compared to sitting on the couch at home. especially for the first two games it was weird, but by the end you got the hang of it.
  • many of the people in the crowd were their for their 2nd or 3rd time. one guy in the crowd was from Hawaii and it was his 16th time on the show. but most of the repeat attendees are from the LA area. they said that the record was this guy who was on 69 times before he finally got called up to contestants row.

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