Bat Wakeup

Imagine that it's midnight and you are asleep in bed. You wake up because you hear something flying around your bedroom. In your sleepy haze you think it must be a moth or large bug. Then after a second you think wait, is that a bird? You turn on the light and come face to face with a bat. To say i freaked out is an understatement.

After being trapped in my bathroom by the flying mammal, i escaped and went over my options. The first thing i did was grab Charlie (the cat) and threw him in there. He was absolutely zero help, just sitting there watching the bat fly around. He showed some interest when the bat flew into the closet but 2 minutes later he came running out of the room. I was disappointed in him. No tennis racket and no fishing net meant i had to fall back on superior intelligence and superior firepower. I went to the obvious choice, the Pumpmaster 760 BB gun.

As the bat circled the room, looking for a place to land, i was at the door. He landed once above the window, i shot and missed high, not wanting to break a window. I missed him a couple more times, then finally hit him when was perched on the door frame.
Thinking he was dead i went to pick him up with a garbage bag. He wasn't dead. He let out an amazingly loud bat screech. Once again, saying i freaked out is an understatement. I ran back, got the gun and finished it.

It turns out he got in through a tiny crack in the attic door.

Here's what he looked like:
bat in attic, flew in window, bedroom, dead
As far as i'm concerned, here's what i saw:

scary bat, teeth, bite, harry

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