License to kill squirrels ... by the goverment of the United Nations

Last week i noticed 3 cobs of corn were missing. It was a squirrel that lives in the tree in my back yard. Then the other day i saw him eating another corn cob on a tree branch.

I plan o
n shooting him in his sleep. Don't worry ... he's been warned!!

Bit the corn stalk in half
squirrel eating corn in my garden, stalk, broke, destroy
Here he is eating the corn on a tree branch, mocking me...he knows what he's doing.
squirrel in tree eating corn, about to get shot
I feel exactly like Carl from Caddyshack.If you need me i'll be in my garage. It's time to fall back on superior firepower and superior intelligence. Goodbye varmint-kong...

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Unknown said...

Since you're authorized by the government of the united nations, have to employed sanctions and resolutions over the course of several years or are you just going to go in and start blowing things up?

Also, are you going to hang up your kill for the other rodents to see what happens to corn-eating varmints?

Keep us posted.