Jackson again...

Back to Jackson one more time this year. Ya i got poison sumac again all over my arms and legs, ya i got to hang out with donkeys, which by the way i could have bought, according to the farmer for $200. We also found an abandoned house that had some funny records from the 70's and a motorcycle exactly like the one i have, a 1972 honda cb500. Went to the Milan drag way one friday night and i almost brought a stray cat home that was living in the spare tire of our trailer. It was quite a trip.

Oh ya and the day before i was sent out of town i was made part-time by my company. Now that i'm back it's gonna be time to start getting that government money back i've been paying for all these years.

i found my new best friend
me and a donkey, not like that, jackson michigan, new friend
whoa there buddy
, back up a little
close up donkey, how much does a donkey cost
uh no...that's not a "fanny pack" it's a hydration waist pack for your information.
i asked, $200 and one of these donkeys could be living in my back yard right now.
petting donkeys in jackson michigan, buy a donkey, 200 dollars
not a fanny pack, petting donkeys on a farm

forest mushroom, dark forest with light through the trees
what are the odds, the exact same bike as mine, too bad it was rusted solid
1972 honda cb500 found in an abandoned house in jackson michigan
come on ladies... i mean if this record doesn't make you want to be a swinger i don't know what will

im gonna be a swinger, webb pierce, record album
spiders web, sun light, close up, shadow
cutting through the wheat fields early in the morning

cutting through wheat fields in the early morning
praying mantis

praying mantis, close up, arms
milan dragway on a friday is the coolest place in michigan. it was super fun
milan dragway, friday, michigan, drag race, racing
driving through a soy bean field with the truck
driving a van through a soy bean field, jackson michigan
the stray cat coming to get some roast beef that i had been feeding it
stray cat in a spare tire, trailer, stuck
cat in a tire, stray cat, hiding, car

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