Crazy people at Meijer

So now that i'm at home a lot during the week i get to go to Meijer any time of day. For example, Tuesday at noon. At this time of day most normal people are working at their jobs. That means that the only people there are me and the crazies.

The obvious crazy person is: the lady who th
inks she is the only one who exists on the planet.
She is clearly recognized by leaving her cart in the exact center of the aisle while looking for groceries. Usually staring intently at the ingredients in a pickle jar.

The first time i came upon her i kindly say "excuse me" as i narrowly squeeze by her. Then two aisles later there she is again hogging up the entire row with her cart, this time i "accidentally" bang my cart into hers saying "oh sorry i didn't see your cart there, even though it was taking up the entire aisle" hoping she will get the message. But she won't.

I then realized that i too somehow become cra
zy when i shop there. I find myself talking out loud about the price of frozen foods and how ridiculous the prices are. Saying "a buck o eight for a frozen geno's pizza... f-that, i think i'll be waiting for the 88 cent sale next week thank you very much" And not just thinking that in my head but quite literally saying that out loud.
My trips to Meijer on a weekday afternoon become a people watching, price checking, field trip from the insane asylum for me.

"LADY, if you leave that cart in the middle of the aisle ONE more time i swear, i'm gonna smash it so hard there will be pickle juice everywhere... i'm not even joking"
Have a nice day!
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