How to Cut Glass

How to Cut Mirror Glass - QUICK


Here's the quick lesson on how to cut glass or a mirror.  I needed to cut some glass for my 3D printer.
cut glass for 3d printer

First, about  what you are cutting.  I used a mirror which was about 1/8" thick, which is pretty standard.
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I bought a 6 pack of 12"x12" mirrored glass at Lowe's for $10.  
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Or you could buy individual pieces of glass.  For example a 10"x12" piece of glass is under $3.
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Second, you need the right tools.  The main tool is obviously the glass cutter.
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I have a fairly cheap one, which you can buy on Amazon for $5.
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The way that the glass cutter works is that there's a tiny wheel on the front which is made of carbide steel, which is able to "score" a line into the glass.
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Other tools are safety glasses, gloves, straight edge, a metal file for rounding the edges, and a work surface with a towel.

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For some small cuts you may need a wrench to snap off the glass piece.

Another thing you need is some type of oil, i used 3-in-1 oil.  Because the cutter needs lubrication in order to sline smoothly.
oil, 3 in 1 oil

Once you know where you want to cut the glass, apply a thin line of oil over the line, hold the straight edge tightly to the glass, then in one smooth movement firmly score a line in the glass.  It should take a lot of force pushing down and you should hear a crackling sound.
need oil for cutting glass

Make sure the score line goes from one end to the other, if there's a gap you can go back and score the ends.
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Then use the ball end of the cutter to gently tap on the glass near the score line.  This will help promote the score line cracks all the way through the glass.
quick glass cutting

Next it's time to snap the glass on that score line.  Wearing your gloves, hold the score line on the edge of the table.  Then slowly apply pressure on the overhanging edge until it snaps (hopefully on the scored line).

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