DIY Free Wall Mount for TV or Monitor

I realize that TV and computer wall mounts aren't super expensive, but i wanted to see if i could make one for free.

DIY Swivel Wall Mount - TV or Computer Monitor 

I recently upgraded the computer in my home office and instead of just putting the old one in a closet, i figured that i could mount the monitor on the wall and run some programs separately.  That way the old computer wouldn't be in the way and i could control everything with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

The monitor i was going to use was an old 19" Rosewill monitor and the first thing i did was to remove the stand.  It was attached with some screws on the back.  Also on the back of the monitor was 4 square mounting screws.  So i transfered those screw patterns to a piece of paper.
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I started drawing up some ways of making a wall mount.

My first thought was to make a simple french cleat system.  The good thing about that was it was only 2 pieces of wood, it would fit tight to the wall, easy to attach and remove, and be quite strong.

But then i thought it would be cool to make one that swiveled.  That way i could mount it werever and point it toward the desk.  So i came up with the idea of using 2 different sized pipes that would fit inside of each other.

Again this was a very simple design, just 2 pieces, easy to remove and attach.
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I used some cheap metal electrical conduit for the pipes and some steel bar for the parts that attach to the wall / monitor.  I cut and drilled the monitor mount to fit the top holes of the computer monitor.  And i cut and drilled the wall mount 16" so that the screw holes would align with the studs in the wall.
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The most difficult part was the welding.  I have a cheap Harbor Freight welder ($90), but i'm pretty bad at welding.  I did have some issues with burning through the conduit.  It didn't look pretty but was pretty strong.
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I screwed the first bracket to the computer then the other to the wall at the height i wanted.  Then just lowered the monitor pipe into the larger wall pipe.  It seemed to work great and has about 45 degrees of rotation.
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I was also thinking about PVC but it wouldn't have been as strong.  And welding everything together was quick and easy.  If i didn't have a welder it would have been more difficult.

Overall i like how it turned out, a quick, easy and free tv monitor mount.

Attached to back of monitor
bracket to mount monitor on wall

Mounted on the wall.
easy free mount tv monitor to wall

View of back when attached to wall
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View from above.
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Side view.  You can see how the smaller pipe is on the top.
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View from directly above.
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Other side.
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Profile view of wall bracket.
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