Update: Back After Taking A Year Off


I haven't posted anything since December of 2014.  It's amazing how little free time you have when you are chasing after a 1 year old.
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I have been able to build some things in the shop and fix things around the house, but there's no way i could have taken picture's and video's and posted them to this blog and youtube.  To do that you need several hours of time, i only had a few minutes here and there at night to work on things.  Just getting anything done with a 1 year old around is an accomplishment.  The goal is to have enough energy after he goes to bed, around 8pm, to be able to quietly work on things.

But i am not going to try my best to take pictures of things i'm building and post some video's to my Youtube channel.  I also plan on going back and showing some of the stuff that i've worked on this past year, including us refinishing the basement, games i built for Rhys, some jigs and sleds i built for the table saw, and working on our minivan.

But the biggest change to me working on things is the new workshop.
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Because we remodeled half of the basement for a play area for Rhys, that meant that i went from 1/2 of the basement to 1/4 of the basement.  It hasn't been too bad, the reduced space means that i have had to be more organized.  Hanging tools from new shelves on the pegboard and hanging as much as possible from the ceiling between the joists.

I'm going to record a video and write up a separate blog post about the new shop and what i did to stay organized.  Hopefully i can publish 1 or 2 things a month, but we'll see, our calendar is pretty busy for the next year.

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