Blog Hits - 2 Million Views

Well i happened to look at the stats on the blog the other day and i saw that i hit 2 million views lifetime.  

I for past milestones i used to post pictures and write something about my favorite things about past blog posts.  Here's what i said when i had 1 million views.

I haven't posted anything in a while, but since i started recording more youtube video's, i will probably get back into the blog too.  The most difficult thing is finding time.  Time to work on a project, take pictures, record videos, edit, write, publish.  Even though i haven't been posting anything new, you can see from the graph that my monthly views keep going up and up.  Last month was the highest views i've ever had.

But it's possible that the blog is coming to an end.  No one has a blog anymore with Facebook and Instagram.  The posters and readers attention span is only limited to a picture and a sentence now a days.  

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