California Vacation - Legoland - Ocean

A couple of weeks ago Karrie and I flew to San Diego to visit Kristina, Kyla and LaRoun.  They live in Chula Vista.  When we checked for things to do in the area, Legoland kept coming up as a popular place.  So we got tickets to the park.  It turned out to be good for 2 days.  I wasn't sure if we would even want to do 2 days, but i was wrong.  The place is huge.  It has an aquarium, rides, and water park.  The first thing we did was the aquarium.
legoland, aquarium, kids, california

It was pretty good.  They had a big shark tank.
what to do in legoland

We spent a few hours in there before we went to see the rest of the park.
legoland aquarium, waterpark

But before we did that we stopped and had lunch.  We brought stuff to eat and it wasn't too much of a hassle to go out to the car and grab the cooler.
best places to eat in legoland, food, california

Since it was over 80 degrees, we spent the rest of that first day in the water park.  It was great.  They had lockers and changing rooms for everyone.  Then there was lots to do like lazy rivers, padded bottom shallow pools for the kids, water slides, and big play areas.  I didn't get any pictures while we were there, i should have brought my GoPro with me that day, but i forgot.  

On our way out we stopped at a couple of rides.
best rides in legoland, california, san diego

The next day we went back to the park and did some of the bigger rides.  They were ok, not Cedar Point but pretty good.  The first day was a Friday and it wasn't too busy.  This second day was a Saturday and it was really crowded. 
fun to do at legoland, park, amusement

Inside the park i noticed this groove of bamboo.  I think it's Moso but i'm not sure.  They were about 50' tall and 4" in diameter.
california moso bamboo

The third day we drove to the ocean.  We walked around La Jolla California, apparently it's one of the wealthiest areas in the US.  We jokingly tried to guess at what some of the houses were worth.  My guess of $2 million seemed reasonable, until i checked and saw that the houses for sale ranged between $12 and $22 million.  We walked along the rocky shore for a while.

pacific ocean view, la jolla california

Then we went to check out the sea lions.  There were about 100 of them just sitting by a little pier. 
sea lions la jolla california

Apparently the entire area stinks really bad because of the animals. 
smell from sealions

Here's another view of the coastline.  The temperature there was about 5-10 degrees cooler then inland because of the breeze. 
la jolla california, ocean view

We drove a little further south to Mission Beach which is several miles long.  There was tons of people and things to do there.  We stopped at a place right on the beach for lunch.  

Here's a panorama picture i took of the beach.
mission beach california, beach view

After getting back to the condo Karrie, Kyla and I went down to the pool to go swimming.  After the water park at Legoland, swimming was all Kyla wanted to do.  

This time i took my GoPro camera with me and it was great in the pool.  The camera is best when there's lots of natural sunlight.

Swimming in the Pool - San Diego http://youtu.be/udIYin4u0DM

After swimming Kyla and i drew some things with sidewalk chalk. 

sidewalk chalk, cheap fun

We wish we could have spent more time down there then 4 days, but it was fun.  And having the 80 degree and sunny weather every day wasn't bad either.

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