Arizona Baseball - Spring Training

A few months ago was was the fifth year that I went down to Arizona for spring training baseball.  Here's the links to the previous 4 years.
This time we did 3 games in 3 days.  This is the Camelback Ranch stadium.
panorama baseball stadium

This year it was myself and John from Michigan, Josh from Texas, and Adam who lives in Arizona.
watching spring training baseball

Another panorama of Camelback Ranch, where the Cubs and LA Dodgers play.
camelback ranch stadium, scottsdale arizona

Two of the games were at the same stadium, the newest one built in Scottsdale.  We've gone to a few games at the stadium and really like it.  Last year when we arrived it was an out of the ordinary 60° and windy.  This year though it was a typical 80° and sunny day.  For the first two days we spent a couple innings and our seats, then decided to stand in the shade and wandered around the stadium.

Here's Salt River Field in Scottsdale.
mlb arizona baseball stadium

Another view from the concourse.
arizona spring training baseball

The final day however it was actually a couple clouds in the sky which made it tolerable to sit out in our seats without frying.
salt river field, scottsdale arizona

It was a great time as always, getting to go down there for extended weekend and watch a few baseball games with the guys.

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