Switch From AT&T to Comcast

 Last month i got rid of my AT&T DSL internet.  I was getting a great deal for a several years, 6mb/s for just $25.  Most of the time 6mb/s is fast enough for us.  Although we do stream a lot of our shows online and it's annoying when it freezes up.  But we couldn't really go any faster since 6mb/s is the fastest that DSL can offer.

The real reason why i switched is that my promotion expired and they raised the rate back up to $48 per month.  I called in but they would not give me that great deal anymore.  So the one reason why i was staying with AT&T, cost, was gone.  I had been looking at getting cable internet for a while now because of it's faster speed.  In my area there are 2 choices for cable internet, WOW and Comcast.  Lots of people i've talked with say that Comcast is terrible and WOW is great.  The problem is that the best deal that WOW had to offer was 20mb/s for $45 and Comcast offered 30mb/s for just $30. 

I bought a real good cable modem online for around $40, canceled my DSL and signed up for Comcast.  I made sure that i didn't want any hidden install fees, just send someone over and get them to turn on the signal at the box.  When the guy came he did end up giving me a new splitter and making the connections waterproof at no charge. 
waterproof coaxiable cable, water proof splitter, cable, comcast, install

The signal from the pole comes directly to the house, through the brick wall and into the basement.  That's where the cable modem and wireless Linksys router is.  All of the other coaxial cable in the picture is for the fractal antenna which is in the attic.

So far it's only been 2 months but the faster speed is great.  Instead of downloading at 600kbps max. i'm downloading over 1100kbps. 

Here's a screenshot of the speedtest.
internet speed from comcast, speedtest, comcast

I still say that in the future there will be no cable, it will just be internet.  All shows will be streamed to your computer/tv and everything will be on demand.  This is still my setup in the living room, a computer hooked up to the TV.  It is working great and i can watch any show, at any time.

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