Memorial Day Parade - 2013

 Here's some of the pictures i took at this year's Memorial Day Parade.  In case you don't know the history, here's pictures from years 2012 and 2010.
I've been seeing a lot of the same people, in the same place, acting the same way since 2007. 
Here's what i mean.

Here's some people who sit down by the river.  These were taken in 2008-2010.
parade watcher, memorial day parade

This was from last year in 2012.
2010 parade people

And now this year sitting in the same spot.  If the people around the guy weren't wearing different clothes you might think i was kidding that these were taken a year apart.  Same green shirt, same white socks, same sunglasses and same cigarette pack in the pocket.
funny people at the parade

Here's another family that also sits down by the river.  2007-2010.
white trash family

And 2013
candy parade game

They are wearing matching shirts as well.

best place to see the parade

This guy is one of my favorites.  It's funny but until last year i hadn't realized that i had taken his picture every year since 2008.  When i looked back i was amazed that he was sitting the same way in front of his house.
lonely man

This was last year in 2012.
man sitting all alone

Now in 2013.  Back to the red shirt, but staying on the porch.  And looks like he finally got rid of the old computer monitor.
looking for women, all alone

3-peat winner back in 2010 for the happiest cop.
worlds best cop

In 2012 he went 4 years in a row.

who is the oldest cop, police officer

2013.  No Sunglasses.  Fifth year in a row, no problem.
safety cop, police

I didn't realize i had taken this picture until this year.  Looking back at some pictures i took in 2007 i noticed this group of people.
typical family

The reason i didn't notice them is because the one guy usually is only wearing cut-off jean shorts.  Here's the group in 2009-2010
shirtless and drunk

Last year was the same thing.  2012
fun in the sun

And this year he was still easy to spot.  Although he did have his shirt on.
happy day



He gets my award for the coolest guy at the parade this year.  2013
peace, peace sign

albert einstein

2013.  His mustache got darker.
local neighbors

You might remember this dog from 2012.  It had the little polka-dot coat and it's claws painted pink.
tortured dog

Well that poor dog is forced into wearing that same coat this year.
polka dot dog coat

And in case you were wondering if it's claws were painted pink...yep.
paint dog nails, claws

weird guy

suspicious guy

Safety kid from 2012
safety boy, kids bike helmet

Safety man 2013
safety man, bike helmet

2012.  The bigger guy in the back was in charge of keeping the candy all the kids collected.
candy man

2013.  Same job i'm guessing.
free candy

She got the best hair award a few years back.  With her man and a blue cooler.
oprah wig

2012, same hair, same cooler.
genuine wig hair

2013  This year i didn't see her, but the guy and the blue cooler still showed up.
how to get free food

Here's the ladies who sit in front of Donutown.
donut lady

2013.  Just the 1 lady in the background there this time.  I haven't seen the whole crew for a few years now.
eating a hot dog

2012.  This guy sitting by the road.
happy man

This year he was busy on his cell phone, but sitting roughly 5 feet from the previous year.
cool old guy

This guy reminded me of a combination of Kip from Napoleon Dynamite and Les Stroud from Survivorman

kip, les stroud, napoleon dynomite

les stroud

2009.  Notice the guy in the dark shirt sitting in the back.
man with tiny glasses

2010.  The same little sun glasses.
patriotic man

2013.  Same shirt, same glasses
parade family

Not sure what the kid with the wolf on his shirt is shading his eyes to look at.
spying kid

I'm still not sure
wolf shirt, kid

Back in 2010 there was this family.
weird kid

Here they were in 2012.
round man

Notice the same little kid in red.
government handout

And this year it's them on the right.  Standing under the same sign as they were back in 2010.
waiting for money, food

5 mile and beech daly from 2012.
typical redford township

Here's the same corner 1 year later.  Not much has changed.  Well different color flip-flops i guess.
happy campers

The SWAT member should tell the guy in the orange shirt that the parade's the other direction.
blind man

I didn't notice when i took this, but the lady has a parrot on her shoulder with a leash around it's neck.
parrot pirate lady

I think there's like 4 different people stealing candy here.
candy heist, theft

This year's happiest kid.
happy kid

Most depressed parade watcher.
mr. unhappy

Green shirt got my Most Excited award.
lady way too happy

Guy on the left got the Best Hair award.
cool haircut

The guy on the bike came in 2nd.

God is good
God is Good

And she got the Best Parent award
Mom of the year

smoking and pregnant

This kid looked very suspicious about getting free candy
suspicious kid

suspicious kid candy parade

These are the kids that wish they were with the cool group.
cool kids

These are the kids that don't care and probably have way more fun.
ready for fun, popular kids at school

The lady in back didn't look like she was having fun.
scary old lady

Cool old guy with one of those fake hair visors.
old man with fake hair

Friendly veteran
friendly veteran

Weird haired DJ
terrible scary dj

Just watching the parade for another year.
what is up with her


Unknown said...

I look forward to this blog post every year and I'm never disappointed! Hopefully next year Karrie can be your co-pilot in the car and experience it first hand.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog while reading on fractal antennas. Your parade history photos were a good read too.
Chris b. Vancouver BC.