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Yesterday i heard this song on the radio, it was called Lights by Ellie Goulding.  It's a pop song but i liked it.  So after i got home i watched the video on youtube.  I was surprised to see some of the lighting effects they used.
lights ellie goulding photography exposure night lighting photo

They used multiple camera's to create the effect of a 180 degree rotation but it's basically the same concept as what i did with the spinning wool photography
spinning wool photography night exposure camera setting video

Here's the video, watch it to see exactly what i mean.  If you don't want to watch the whole thing just click on the link below and the video will start at 1:55 into the song, where they really start showing all of the cool spinning light photography effects.

Obviously it's not exactly the same thing as i did but the idea is the same.  I'm guessing that they had her in a blacked out room, spinning different type of lights around.  Their exposure time looks like it was only about 1 or 2 seconds.  Compared to mine which were 15-20 seconds.  Also they must have used a bright flash during the exposure to make her body show up clearly.

I did the same thing by shining the flashlight on myself during the exposure.  Here's a photo i made by shining the light on my face 3 different times, in 3 different places during a 15 second exposure.

I took these pictures when i was screwing around in my backyard at night after it snowed.  It was fun trying to get the right timing and lighting to write your name with a flashlight.
how to write your name with a flashlight at night photography camera

I just think that it's cool to see and understand how they did those light effects in a video.  Sure they probably used thousands of dollars of equipment but basically it's a simple and easy process that anyone can do.

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Gatonegro said...

I think it's an amazing technique, is made by multiple cammeras shutting at the same time but i think with slow shutter configuration isn't it?