Up at the Cottage - Taking out the Docks

Karrie and i went up to visit Katie and John at their cottage for Labor Day. We arrived on Saturday just before sunset.
sunset by lake, red and pink sky at sunset, clouds in water, boat on cottage lake

Again i tried using the homemade ND filter to take pictures of the lake, during the day.

DIY ND filter, homemade nd filter, lake calm water dogs

The colors didn't come out great because, just like when i first tried it at the waterfalls in Tennessee, i forgot to set the camera to RAW. So in that case it's just best to convert it to black-and-white.

You can see that max stood really still in the water during the 15 second exposure.

black and white nd filter, lake floating, calm sunny floating lake, cottage lake

This was us sitting by the fire on Sunday night.
bonfire at the cottage, night fire by the lake, sitting by the fire at the lake

That same night i tried again to make a time lapse video of the stars in the sky. Here's the result.


I still need more practice doing this. There needs to be trees or something in the foreground to give it a sense of scale. But i made sure to point the camera at the north star.

And this is what combining all of those individual photos into one picture looks like. You can really see from this picture how the north star stays constant in the sky.

star in sky rotation, star trails around north star, night sky stars rotating

Before we left on Monday we helped take out the docks and boat hoist. Here's another time lapse of that. It didn't take that long, less than an hour.


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