Detroit Auto Show - 2012

Karrie's favorite car last year was still her favorite car this year...the Audi Q5. We sat in the Q7 and the station wagon but thought this one was the perfect size. Super nice inside and really comfortable. It even had cup holders that you can set to hot or cold.
Audi Q5 at the Detroit International Auto Show
We both liked this car, the Honda Accord Crosstour. It was really nice and functional inside. Just like the Audi Q5, it had USB and SD card slots so you can just plug in the memory and listen to music or books on tape. I think that it's a cheap feature that every single new car should have.
Honda Accord Crosstour at COBO Hall
The F1 Red Bull car was super cool. I could have looked at this car for an hour, every single inch of it had some crazy carbon fiber fin.
Red Bull F1 Formula 1 Race Car
Red Bull F1 Formula 1 Race Car at the Detroit International Auto Show
Close up view of the Red Bull F1 Car
I really liked the chars at the Ford display. They were simple, strong, comfortable and looked cool. Like the F1 car, a perfect combination of form and function working together. I think i might try and make two of these.
Unique blue chair at the Ford Display
one piece curved chair
The 100 year anniversary Corvette ZR1. This might have been one of the cars that i saw in the parking lot in Bowling Green last year. The guy at the Corvette plant said that the 100 year anniversary cars were lined up to get a special paint job.
100 Year Anniversary Corvette ZR1
This was a cool truck by Toyota, then modified by DCShoes. It had a compartment in the rear fender for extra storage and the entire thing was covered in that protective bed liner paint. It would probably help it last a long time. Another great idea that looked good too.
Toyota Truck DCShoes bed liner
This was the Volkswagen Bugster. It was dumb, i doubt that anyone will buy one, if they ever decide to make it.
Ugly Volkswagen Bugster electric white car
The thing i don't like about companies is that they make this really cool looking concept car then 90% of the time that's the end of it. Even if it's a great car it never gets built. Then on the 10% chance that they do build the car, it turns into this boring, scaled back version of the concept. Take the Chevy Volt for example. Here's what the concept looked like at the auto show a few years ago.
Chevy Volt Concept Car
Here's what the actual car looks like now. I like the way the Volt looks, but compared to the concept car it looks just like every other car on the road.
Chevy Volt Production Car
This year, the worst thing about concept cars is they were all electric. I guess companies figured, "what the hell, this concept car is never getting built, let's just make it electric and it will definitely never get built."

This was the BMW i8 concept. I really liked the way it looked, both doors and the roof were acrylic.
BMW i8 electric Concept Car sportscar
There was a lot of interesting people at the auto show this year.
Fat Guy in Overalls at the Auto Show


Unknown said...

Audi huh? Thinking you're going to need a second job to give her one of those with a big bow for her birthday.

Notitlerequired said...

I'm thinking more along the lines of pretending to be a valet at the local country club then driving off with the first Q5 that someone drops off.

Hard work never accomplishes anything.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the F1 Red Bull car almost as musch as you did

Unknown said...

Good luck finding a valet station around Detroit where an Audi would drive up. May have to make a trip out to Cali and then drive back.

Anonymous said...