Furnace Humidifier

A few months ago, when the furnace was running more, i realized that it was getting really dry in the house. I checked the humidifier on the furnace and realized that it was bone dry.

This is the second time in two years that it's happened. I figured that the solenoid that i replaced last year must have been clogged. Water is forced at 150psi through a tiny hole.
This time i ordered a new generic solenoid valve with a changeable orifice. That way if it becomes clogged i can just change the orifice and not the entire solenoid.

Here's the 3 solenoid valves. The left one is the original part, the middle is the replaced solenoid and the one on the right is the generic solenoid.

Furnace Humidifier Solenoid Models

Here is a close-up of that solenoid, the yellow orifice and the cone filter to help keep the orifice clear.

Furnace Humidifier Solenoid, Filter, Solenoid

I connected the water pipes and wires, turned up the humidistat to 60% humidity and it works just fine now.

Furnace Humidifier Parts, tubing, wiring, solenoid, honeywell

Furnace Humidifier, broken, fix, repair

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