Banana Tree

6 months ago in the middle of February i ordered this banana tree from Amazon.com. It cost $4. It was delivered to my house when it was 10 degrees outside and sat outside on my porch for almost a day. When i opened up the box and saw it, i was sure it was a goner. banana tree from amazon, 4 dollars, almost dead
But i watered it and put it in my little greenhouse by the window and was surprised that new leaves were coming up.
banana tree, greenhouse, winter, humid, hot, grow
By spring it was growing great with lots of roots so i moved it outside.
banana tree roots, from amazon, order, spring, sun
replant a banana tree, roots, spring
Here's what it looks like now, it's grown a ton. A new leaf comes up out of the center almost every week. I'm planning on bringing it in for the winter but then next year planting it permanently outside. I know it will die in the winter but it should grow back every year if the roots don't freeze.
Pretty soon i won't have to be paying those outrageous fees of 84 cents per pound for bananas at the grocery store.banana tree growing, after 1 year, michigan, cold weather big banana leaf, banana tree, michigan


Unknown said...

One of my favorite Dave comments was when you were grocery shopping with us and you said "You guys are buying an obscene amount of bananas" which we totally do.

Notitlerequired said...

You filled up 2 of those plastic bags, but it only cost like a dollar.