Somehow my headlights got scuffed up, not just fogged up where you can use a buffer wheel and some special stuff in a tube to clean, but the actual outermost layer of plastic was peeling off. how to clean fogged headlights, car, pontiac grand prix, plastic peeling
clean fogged headlights, car, pontiac, plastic, peeling
Really scuffed up.
fogged headlights, car, pontiac, plastic, peeling, scuffed, light
So i got out my sander, radio and a milk crate to sit on. need to clean old car headlights, tools, sand, polish
I sanded with 220, 400 and 1000 wet sand paper, frequently spraying the area with water.
wet sand old headlights, fogged, car
After the 1000 grit sanding it looked much better
headlights after wet sanding
But as the water on the lights dried, they started to fog over. fogged headlights, sand, light, car
The last thing i did was to spray the lights with a clear coat. This really got rid of the scratches and fogginess and made the lights a lot clearer.
spray clear coat over fogged headlights, scrached, clear
Good as new...almost.
good as new headlights, fogged, car

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