Cedar Point

On Memorial Day weekend i went to Cedar Point with Karrie, her sister Kristina and Paul. We left at 6 am.

Because we were staying at the Sandcastle Hotel, at the northeast corner of the park, we were allowed in at 9am. Everyone else gets in at 10am.
The first thing we did was wait in line for an hour and go on the Millennium Force. It's a really great coaster. Super fast, smooth and that first drop is an insane 89 degrees down.

We rode several rides till 3pm then rode the shuttle back to the hotel and took a break. We went back out around 5:30. It ended up thunder storming around 8pm but we were ready to be done anyways.

Because of super long lines we never rode the Rapter or the Maverick. They both had lines close to a 2 hour wait. We did go on the Top Thrill Dragster. It said the wait was 1 hour but it ended up being closer to 1.5. It wasn't worth it. The ride lasted all of 8 seconds. It shoots you up a hill and back down.

The Gemini - aka The Rib Cracker
cedar point, the gemini, wood roller coaster, hurts, old
Park view from the buckets
aerial view of cedar point, park view, ohio
My favorite ride is the Magnum. It's super fun and there isn't a long wait, at most 15 minutes. I rode it twice. It has the perfect combination of speed, hills and turns. Here's the view from the top.
The Magnum, drop from the top, best roller coaster ever, cedar point
View from down below.
The Magnum, cedar point, best ride ever
This was the beach by the hotel. I don't know why there wasn't anyone swimming in the lake.
dead fish on the shore of lake erie, cedar point, sandusky ohio
Other than the beach, staying at the hotel was a great idea. Great views of the lake and we got to drive home the next morning.
cedar point hotel, water, park, view, walking path

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